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When producing components and parts en mass, you want to make sure that you are not only getting a quality service, but the finished product is completed to the highest of standards. There are many different methods to produce bespoke parts and components from metal. Every process has advantages and disadvantages when utilised for the mass production of components and parts.

What people might not realise is that laser cutting is the perfect production method for the production of bespoke components, parts and decorative panels in high volume.

Precision Laser Cutting

When you are producing a high volume component, you need to be confident that your first part is the same as the thousandth or ten-thousandth. The last thing you need is a defective component in your production, which could lead to manufacturing delays, customer complaints, returns or even worse, product failure and injury. It could also seriously delay production whilst investigations, corrective actions and remakes all happen.

When you utilise the skill set of a quality laser cutting sub-contractor like SSC Laser, you can be confident that every single component that leaves our facility will be the same. We guarantee it; they won’t be “close” or “similar”; they will be the identical. Repeatability is a major benefit of using a laser.

How can we guarantee this?

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do at SSC Laser. We hold ISO quality accreditations which form the basis for all of our manufacturing methods and processes. All of our parts and components can be traced from the start of the manufacturing process, all the way to the final step. We can guarantee every stage of the production process follows our stringent safeguards and quality standards and provide all test certification for all materials used.

At SSC, we use the most up-to-date technology and equipment to produce parts and components and parts for our customers. Once the final design is agreed, it is programmed and entered onto our system.  With the material selected and the press of a button, our laser cutters are set off to produce. Here’s where things get clever. Because we laser cut from a CAD/CAM technical drawing, everything cut matches the drawing to plus or minus 0.2mm. All first off parts, intermediaries and final parts are checked by the laser operatives for quality. There is no need to hand tool or create components that look the same; our machines will produce components precisely the same every single time. There are no tool changes and no direct contact with the material so material can’t move, which again reduces the chance of error.

Fast Laser Cutting

We’ve discussed this a few times in previous blogs, but to quote an old adage, time is money. If you are in a high paced industry and need your components and parts sooner rather than later, you will need a quick production method. Do you have time to wait on each component being hand-tooled or sent around various suppliers to have different production methods applied? Probably not. SSC is the one-stop-shop for everything laser cutting. Not only are our laser cutting machines quick and precise, but we also have everything under one roof. There is no need to send your parts to different manufacturers for folding or packaging and labelling; we have you covered at SSC. By having every service under one roof, we can drastically improve the turnaround time on your lead times.


When you utilise laser cutting to produce your bespoke components and parts, you open up a world of creativity. At SSC, we can cut designs that don’t conform to traditional shapes and sizes. When you are producing components or decorative panels on mass, you want to be confident that you can create your design to specification. Unlike other production methods, laser cutting can output designs with intricate designs and shapes, opening up the creative window for our customers. Combined with the precision and speed, you can be assured that no matter the complexity of your design, or the number required, SSC has the skills and technology to produce any design for an array of industries.

Not only can we create parts to any shapes and sizes but we can also produce them in a huge range of materials from Mild Steel and Stainless Steel in all grades, to Aluminium, Copper and Brass so whatever your need and requirement, call SSC to produce your parts.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project that requires a leading laser cutting sub-contractor, contact the team at SSC Laser today. We have the skills, experience and technology to produce high-quality laser cut components and parts for any industry

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