SSC Laser cuts through uncertainty by investing in future

By SSC Laser Cutting
schedule12th Jul 18

SSC Laser MD Andy Evans believes now, during a time of uncertainty around Brexit and steel tariffs on US imports, is the time “to be brave, bold and positive” by investing for the good of the business and its clients.

Staffordshire-based laser cutters has recently invested in new laser profiling technology to increase production capacity, installing a new Bystronic 10kW fibre flatbed laser.

The firm has further invested in the recruitment of senior sales staff to build on the firm’s 20% year-on-year growth since 2005.

Mr Evans said: “We’re following a road map that will result in the company becoming a £50m business by 2025.

“We’ve set ourselves a big target of 30% growth this year. We’ve invested in new laser technology to add capacity and we’ve been on a big recruitment campaign, adding significant capacity to our sales department.

“What we’ve done is shown the vision to invest in the future and in the present. When there’s uncertainty in the market, as there is now, we do find some projects are put on hold or have very quick turnaround times.

“Investing in more sales staff and new capacity has put SSC in the perfect place to provide speedy quotes and to turn jobs around quickly, while also putting us in a much stronger position when more certain times return, as they will sooner or later.

“There is no doubt that the US steel tariffs and the uncertainty around Brexit-related trade deals are affecting the pace of our growth but we’re confident about the future. We will continue with our ambitious growth plans whilst controlling our costs.”

SSC Laser is on target to create a £50m business by 2025, has three manufacturing sites in Stafford, Derby and Bristol along with a sales presence in Canterbury, Beaconsfield and Motherwell.

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